-Multi-camera true HD-DSLR cinema camera coverage - 3 cameras
-Superior quality lenses for beautiful cinematic depth
-Steadycam, dolly-slider, mini-crane, monopods and tripods for gorgeous, smooth filming
-External audio equipment for superior sound (includes wireless microphones)
-Cinematic Trailer Edit(about 1-4 minutes in length)
-Cinematic Short Form Highlight Edit (about 8-12 minutes in length)
-Long Form Highlight Edit (up to 1 hour in length - includes full ceremony, toasts and special dances)
-1 Double-Disc Set for Bride and Groom (includes both a BluRay copy and a DVD copy)
-Complementary DVD copies for the parents

Pricing begins at $2700.
Weddings outside of the Atlanta area may incur a travel charge dependent on the location. Please inquire.

Every package includes the above items. We also offer additional items such as Rehearsal Dinner coverage, Same Day Edits, Engagement and Newlywed films, just to name a few.

Please contact us to discuss your cinematography needs and to receive a quote.